Dé Luain, Feabhra 26, 2007

An tAonad Aistriúcháin ag treisiú

Financial Mirror: "DGT has established an Irish language translation unit and launched an inter-institutional recruitment competition in 2006. The responsibility of translating the rest of the acquis into Irish lies with the Irish government.
Irish translation will start in DGT with a team of five translators. Recruitment is a big challenge as the translator market is limited and the Irish authorities also need recruits. Nevertheless, on 1 January 2007 one translator, one assistant and one manager were in place. A second translator started at the beginning of February while a third should start work soon. It is expected that the final two translators will be in place within the next few months, at which time the unit will be up to full strength.
The competition for Irish-language translators yielded 19 successful candidates on the reserve list."

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