Dé Céadaoin, Feabhra 21, 2007

Splintered Sunrise: Béalbochtachas Próvach

Is fiú go mór léargas an bhlagadóir seo ar ceist Acht Teanga sa Tuaisceart. Cé go bhfuil sé greannmhar tá cúpla pointe maith á dhéanamh aige:Splintered Sunrise: Béalbochtachas Próvach "This is rather revealing of how the peace process works. At the St Andrew’s talks, in exchange for agreeing to whatever Big Ian demanded, the Provos were fobbed off with various small commitments from the Brits, the most visible of which was the promise of legislation to give Irish some sort of official recognition – the details remain vague. There’s nothing wrong with that. It should be a basic democratic position that Irish should get no less official support than Welsh does. And it’s basically a feelgood measure – it gives nationalists the illusion of having their identity recognised without undermining the basis of the Northern statelet. (“Parity of esteem” is the Humespeak term, now widely adopted by all sorts of people.)"

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