Dé Céadaoin, Deireadh Fómhair 03, 2007

Fiche Focal: Irish Books III: Leabhair Ghaeilge III

Tá a thaighde déanta ag an bhfear seo agus tá dearcadh éadóchasach aige ar chúrsaí litríocht na Gaeilge. Tá sé ag cuir fáilte roimh plé. Fiche Focal: Irish Books III: Leabhair Ghaeilge III: "I argue that the dearth of literature, research, analysis and debate through Irish, on anything from from Climate Change to Crossdressing, bolsters my case that we have no national discourse in Irish. No separate world view is represented in the language, and therefore its claim to be culturally central to who we are is vastly inflated. And yet I know these words, far from spark a potentially useful debate, or even a single opposing argument, will do nothing but draw sparks from the live wire of blind fanaticism that runs through large parts of the Irish language lobby."

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