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Leagan Gaidhlig Harry Potter á lorg

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'As English speakers enjoy the new Harry Potter book and film, language activists in Scotland have renewed calls to have the popular series of books translated into Gaelic.
The books have already been published in over 50 languages. These have included major world languages, languages such as Irish and Welsh, as well as Latin and Ancient Greek.

Following a well publicised campaign, publishers Bloomsbury indicated that they intended to produce a Gaelic version of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone by Christmas 2006. Plans were subsequently dropped, however, with difficulty in finding suitable translators being cited as a reason.

The advent of the final book in the Harry Potter series has inspired language activists to renew their campaign. Both the national Gaelic development agency Bòrd na Gàidhlig and Alasdair Allan, Member of the Scottish Parliament for the Western Isles, have written to the publishers asking for the production of "Harry Potter agus Clach an Fheallsanaich". “This has left many fans in Scotland who wish to read Harry Potter in their native language disappointed," said Mr. Allan. The fact the books had been translated into two other Celtic languages, Irish and Welsh, made it "even more surprising".

While Bloomsbury currently maintain that they have no plans to publish Harry Potter in Scottish Gaelic, pressure is set to continue on the company. Activists are hoping that their campaign will be aided by the fact that author J.K Rowling is based in Scotland and that the Scottish Highlands feature so prominently in the Harry Potter films. They are also urging the publishers to remember that Harry himself is a member of linguistic minority, being one of the few humans able to converse with snakes in their own language.'
(Eurolang 2007)

Links:Bòrd na Gàidhlig: http://www.bord-na-gaidhlig.org.uk/
Bloomsbury: http://www.bloomsbury.com/

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